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Aquarius (January 20th February 17th)

Place: 11th
House Ruled: 11th House: House of Friends and Benefactors
Known As: "The Inventors"
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Masculine / Feminine: Masculine
God/dess: God involved in the creation of man: Uranus (Greek); Uranus (Roman)
Key Words: "I Know"
My Phrase: "Let's get everybody together and do something cool"
What makes me Happy: Coming up with new ideas and being with friends
My Pleasures: Innovation and friends
My Pains: Boredom, being alone, conservatism
Season: Winter
Generic Traits: Aquarians are great for coming up with ideas to bring everyone, even the World, together. An Aquarian definitely never meets a stranger. They love having friends and being adored by them as well. Aquarians also are in to anything new such as computers, technology, anything breaking the news with innovation.
Negative Traits: Aquarians can be very impatient and even tempermental and stubborn. And though they may be the ones to come up with a great idea, they aren't likely to follow through with it.
Balanced By: Being a little more patient and learn to stick with things
Romance: Aquarians are very flirty, and of course attract most anyone. With an Aquarian, you will probably be great friends as well as lovers. Anyone who views the world outside of the box, will definitely catch the Aquarian's eye.
Parts of the body ruled: Ankles, calves, and circulation
Diseases: Circulatory disorders, varicose veins, ankle injuries and blood poisoning
Stones: Amber, Hematite, Barite, Amethyst, Turquoise, Garnet, Silver, Feldspar
Zodiac Birthstone: Garnet, Turquoise
Scents: Lavender, Rose, Patchouli, Vanilla
Colors: Bright, exciting, neon colors
Pattern Attraction: Futuristic patterns
Famous People: Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln
Who they are at a party: Aquarians are the popular ones. They're either in the middle of the party making sure everyone is looking at them or they're creating a new funnel where 4 people can chug instead of just one!