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That’s It In a Crab Shell

The Cancer crab is shy and reclusive, emotional and moody. But what really goes on inside the shell of the most changing sign in the zodiac? Much has been written, but little is understood about the inner being that makes up Cancer.

Sensitivity is the prime ingredient in Cancer. Everything is “felt”. Whether introverted or extroverted, and there are plenty of both, nothing happens which is not felt. Looks, a word, body language, and more are felt for meaning. When insulted or hurt, Cancer lashes out at the offender. Even if the insult or hurt was imagined there is no mercy. The defensive crab takes each offence very personally and defends itself to the death. Such tactics result in long held grudges and smoldering resentment. Periods of sulking often occur as well. Until the crab resolves the hurt in his own good time, no one better venture near the entrance of that safe shell. Even loved ones fear to tread near a sulking crab least they become a victim of the foul mood and be attacked as well. This is one astrology sign best left alone until the storm passes.

Crowds are another challenge for Cancers. Being both sensitive and intuitive, the crab knows how each person around them feels. These feelings are adsorbed by the crab and lived by him as his own. The more people around the crab the more smothered he becomes. The voices of the other people scream inside him blocking his own being and creating mental and sensual chaos forcing retreat before insanity.

Around the home Cancer is safe. They build a secure nest around themselves into which few are allowed to enter. Cancers have few close friends. Being chosen a friend can be considered an honor for there are very few chosen. The domestic crab likes cooking for people and small parties. Personal contact and stimulating conversation are very important to the crab who wants to know something about everyone he meets. Most Cancers love children and children seem to sense that and be drawn to them. Cancer is the sign of motherhood after all. Home and family, life is good. Cancers are the zodiac's people people.

In business, crabs seem to understand the flow of money. Often wise money managers, they are sought as advisors and confidants. As the cardinal water sign, Cancer is driven to perfection in everything undertaken. Money flows like the tides of the crab's emotions and the seas of the world. The crab is home there so listen to his financial advice.

With an attraction to the past and enormous emotional power, Cancers can be creative too. Often writers, musicians, even politicians the crab is at home creating an outlet for the emotions which drive him. They collect anything old and hate to throw away anything least it be needed later. Don't look for new and flashy when old and pretty is available. Beware the crab likes to change everything, including a spouse all too often. Keep home life interesting or his attention will go elsewhere.

On the sensual side, crabs like a table for two. Sexuality often begins in the kitchen with food and intimate company. Foreplay begins with a special meal prepared just the way his partner likes it, and usually continues with dessert in the bedroom. Since getting there is as much fun as arriving, the sensitive crab senses the mood and excitement of his partner and seems to know just what to do next. Do not expect fast action, instead just lay back and enjoy the attention to YOU. While you are there, you may as well stay the night so you can receive one of those breakfasts in bed Cancers are so well known for.

Well, that's it in a crab shell. If you understand the Cancer personality now please let society know. Even Cancers seldom understand themselves. Their search for understanding is endless so please be kind.

copyright Ó2001
o. dell