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Gemini (May 20th June 20th)

Place: 3rd
House Ruled: 3rd House: House of Communication
Known As: "The Butterfiles"
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Symbol: Twins
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Masculine / Feminine: Masculine
God/dess: Messenger God: Hermes (Greek); Mercury (Roman)
Key Words: "I Think"
My Phrase: "It takes two to make a thing go right... it takes to to make it outta site!"
What makes me Happy: Not having to do the same thing
My Pleasures: Options, obtaining knowledge
My Pains: Being on time and following through
Season: Spring
Generic Traits: Love to communicate; need change; like to probe for information about people; quick witted; most always see both sides of a situation or argument; flirtatious; playful; happy working behind the scenes - they don't have to be in the "lime light"
Negative Traits: Can be extremely indecisive; have a hard time finishing things; can seem scatter-brained or flighty
Balanced By: Slowing down and learning to listen and follow through
Romance: Geminis are a lot of fun and very quick witted. They will jump around from lover to lover until they can find someone who can hold their interest and keep up with their intellect and energy.
Parts of the body ruled: Shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, thymus, bronchial tubes, nervous system, speech, trachea and dorsal spine
Diseases: Pleurisy, asthma, anxiety, tuberculosis, bronchitis, problems with arms, shoulders and hands
Stones: Aquamarine, Agate, Blue Sapphire, Phenacite, Apopholite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Copal, Emerald, Citrine, Howlite, Jade, Pearl, Henacite, Rutile, Sandstone Tiger's Eye
Zodiac Birthstone: Agate, Citrine, Tiger's Eye
Scents: Lavender, jasmine, orange blossom
Colors: Bright blue, bright green, yellow
Pattern Attraction: Complicated, geometric patterns, lines rather than curves
Famous People: Ralph Waldo Emerson, JFK, Marilyn Monroe
Who they are at a party: Geminis are the ones laughing, cutting up and innocently flirting with EVERYBODY. They're definitely having a great time and making sure everybody else is entertained too!