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Leo (July 22nd August 22nd)

Place: 5th
House Ruled: 5th House: House of Pleasure
Known As: "The ruler of the zodiac"
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Symbol: Lion
Ruling Planet: Sun
Masculine / Feminine: Masculine
God/dess: God of the Sun: Apollo (Greek); Apollo (Roman)
Key Words: "I Will"
My Phrase: "Get busy!"
What makes me Happy: Leading
My Pleasures: Being in charge
My Pains: NOT being in charge
Season: Summer
Generic Traits: Leos love being center stage. They are ambitious and always strive to make an impression. Leos not only think of themselves as the rulers of the zodiac but also the rilers of the universe. But this is good because they make great leaders, organizers and motivationalists.
Negative Traits: Leos can sometimes seem overbearing and stubborn. But if you confront them with this, they would say they just want everybody to be happy and things to be in control. Leos can also get a big-head from time to time and begin to think that the World revolves around them. However, they do have a good heart deep down.
Balanced By: Slowing down
Romance: Leo lovers are creative, devoted and hot! You are sure to have an exciting romance with any Lion. But know that they will definitely want to be the ones in charge of course.
Parts of the body ruled: Heart, dorsal spine and nerves, spleen and blood circulation
Diseases: Organic heart trouble, backache and dizziness
Stones: Pyrite, Citrine, Ruby, Amber, Jasper, Carnelian, Diamond, Gold, Iron, Garnet, Onyx, Rock Crystal, Labradorite, Fire Opal, Peridot, Petrified Wood, Rhodochrosite, Sulphur, Sunstone
Zodiac Birthstone: Onyx, Rock Crystal
Scents: Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Orange Blossom
Colors: Powerful, bright, postive royal colors as in royal red, royal blue, royal purple and of course gold.
Pattern Attraction: Patterns that are bold, bright and splashy!
Famous People: Alfred Hitchcock, Herbert Hoover, George Bernard Shaw, Mae West
Who they are at a party: Of course you know who they are at the party... it's THEIR party! Leos are the ones who put the party together, are standing in the middle of the crowd and thanking everyone for coming.