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Do You

Do you crave the wind in your hair,
The sun on your face,
Like the starving crave a single morsel?

Do you cry when a child is hurt,
A puppy is lost,
Even though it is just a movie?

Do you wonder about lifeís great mystery,
Longing to explore the meaning,
Knowing death is the only way to find out?

Do you devour the feel of speed,
Thrilled by the danger,
Tingling with erotic sensations?

Do you hold hands across the table,
Look deeply into his eyes,
Share both your heart and soul?

Do you make love by a cozy fire,
Outside in warm summer rain,
Call his name in your final passion?

Do you exist to share life with just one,
Seeking him each second,
Especially if that one is me?

Copyright 2000
o. dell