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"The Restaurant Scene"
(A continuing fantasy, with origins in Miss Thompson's English class)
By: J. Barrington Entwhistle 2003


The Setting:  A small, uncrowded gourmet restaurant (no chili dogs)

We are having a late dinner and pleasant conversation, seated  (because I gave the guy twenty bucks) at a secluded table.  We are both well-dressed for the occasion, she in a nice cocktail dress, sexy but not high school tight.  After sipping fine wines during and after dinner, she excuses herself to the ladies' room, to "powder her nose".  While there, she removes her panties and places them in her handbag.  Upon her return, we engage in small and smaller talk, exchanging knowing glances, and enjoy the wines.  At an appropriate moment, with a lull in waitstaff traffic, I will drop my napkin under the table.  As I dive under the tablecloth to retrieve the napkin, she will adoringly lift her hemline somewhat, knees parted, to afford me a delicious, clandestine view of her feminine charms.  Thus inspired, my next words will be "check, please".