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Touch me again

I felt you touch my soul again
Like you've done so many times before....
Lingering in my memories; a mortal I've not yet met; Minds intertwined
Settling in my depths with the grasp of love to be encountered; The truest form of understanding.
I hear your quips and phrases lingering in my mind with a voice I've never heard; things you've never said; A rhyme to the riddle that gets solved.
If you were to cross my path, would I recognize the flesh you sent to earth to do your bidding?
Senses burn with the sensation of your passion; unbridled and heated.
You must stop making me yearn for you!
Shall I only embrace the idea of your existence leaving the rest of the mere mortals to burn in the ashes, never even lending a spot of water for the fire they wish to feel that belongs only to you?
Thoughts making me shutter, the intensity devouring everything that exists inside me.
The Gods will see us unite once again, lifting even the Heavens as we rise. For 'tis not what we make of it, but what was meant to be.