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To My Bethany Karen

What do I hear? As a bell, it rings;
Alarming my senses.. my heart sings.
'Tis a tiny squeal from an infant bed!
She tries so hard, tears only she sheds.

A precious babe, my angel dove..
Filling my life with stress and love..
Beautiful girl! She smiles in her sleep..
Melting my heart while I silently weep.

Sweetness in lace, my bundle of joy
Will grow up to fend off any number of boys!
Her beauty astounds me; already her charm
Is enough to make Daddy's protection alarm!

Grow slowly, sweet dove, fly high as can be!
Reach for your dreams, you can lean hard on me!
I'll be right here, smiling..holding your hand...
Dad and brothers, too, will help you stand.