Back Home Up

Emancipation From the Chains of Should ness.

Spitting fire and laser claws
Back away everyone 
Go from my presence.
Be gone all you
Who dare to control me
In the guise of help and protection
Be gone you who would destroy my very life
In the name of “righteous’ and “justice”
Flee from me quickly before it's too late.
I am done.
I am done with you and with the person you will have that be done.
I am not she.
I will not cave I will not beg I will not run
I am happy.
I was happy….until you continued your meddling
Go away….take only the baggage that you have created
I keep my own baggage. I don’t need yours.
Leave my world until or unless
You can find a way to live your life
Without compromising mine.
You are not welcome into my home 
Unless you shed the clothes of judgment and bias.
I’ll not have you around to remind me of past mistakes.
I need no reminder…I know only too well what I’ve done.
I need a reminder sometimes tho… of who I AM today..Who I
I I I I I I who I I I I I wish to be.
I am not who you wish me to be.
I will not be the product of who you wish me to be.
I am me…not she. 
I married a man….
I married my husband.
My choice, my marriage, my business.
My love, my life, my happiness.
I am complete and feel no need to explain why.
I come not to your homes and decide for you what is best.
I decide not who you marry, what you wish, what you do.
I do not judge you…do not judge me.
Leave me alone, lest you wish my demise.
My spirit shall die if I continue to listen
To all of your judgments and criticisms 
My heart will wither if I continue to assimilate your hate
Your selfish desires for me that I have not.
I am a simple person in my earthly wants.
I want for very little material goods.
I however, am complex when it comes to deeper issues.
Do you care not how I feel about that? That’s all I want to say.

© copyright 2003