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Slavery Apology

A lot has been said, printed, and debated on the request the United States government apologize for slavery in this country. While the request may have merit, I believe everyone should take a look at the legislators who would issue said apology, and the reasons for their action.

A sincere apology has the most meaning when it comes from the person or persons responsible for the act and is issued to the offended. In this case, all the participants are now dead, making a sincere apology impossible. A symbolic apology from the current government would serve as an acknowledgement and recognition of the past mistake. Really?

A few legislators have good intentions and would vote as such, but most legislators are elected, thus sensitive to the votersí hot issues. If an apology were deemed in the best interest of the re-election campaign, who among us does not believe an apology would be forthcoming? Virtue is not a legislatorís strong suit as proved many times over the years. Many people would find an apology on slavery, or any other politically hot issue, to be a fabrication of the advisors who judge the effect on the voters. A sincere apology is impossible from our government, therefore meaningless, even symbolically. Additionally, many of the slaves in this country were slaves of their fellow countrymen in Africa. I have not heard a cry for an apology from Africans who sold slaves to Europeans for transport to the United States. Why?

If each American treated fellow Americans equally, issues of the past would be reduced to an important history lesson. The discontent over, we would build a better country for all Americans.


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