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Gun Control

Lets take a trip back in time. When I graduated High School in 1967, a lot was happening in our country. Vietnam was a new word for us. John Kennedy had been assassinated. Martin Luther King was changing the laws and interactions of the land. Hippies were making love not war. And guns were everywhere.

At my school it was common to see a rifle or shotgun in a rack in the back window of a truck. A few students went hunting after class used them. Not only did none of the students bring one into the building, no one broke into the truck to steal it. My father had guns in the house. None were locked in cabinets. Ammunition was kept with them too. I was taught the dangers of guns, respect for my parents authority over them and me, and the circumstances under which a gun could be used. There were no school shootings, no drive by shootings, and very few murders with guns. But that was then and now is now. What a difference 35 years makes. Just what is different?

While I agree times have changed and certain gun laws needed to be changed as well, what is really different now? Since guns are basically the same, the only other possibility is people. A gun, is a gun, is a gun, but all people are different. A gun is nothing more than a tool used by people. I submit to you, legislating guns away will not solve the problem of the people who would use them. They will find another way to do what they want. Explosives and biological weapons are illegal now. Has that stopped the people who use them? If you follow the cries of the gun control lobby, I hope box cutters and nail files are outlawed next so another 9/11 can be averted.

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o. dell