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Celebrities and Fame

The recent death of Marlin Brando made headline news. One local paper placed his death as the lead story on the front page, ahead of U.S. troops killed in Iraq, and other world events. One wonders how celebrity status and fleeting fame became more important than world events which affect everyone in the world.

The death of a celebrity or famous individual certainly saddens family, friends, and fans. The loss has an impact and has long lasting emotions. But is that front page, headline news? Has society become so involved in the lives of the celebrity and famous they have forgotten their own lives? Why, beyond human compassion, would the average person care when the celebrity or famous dates, marries, has children, changes teams, has legal problems, or even dies? Has society become so consumed in the lives of others they have forgotten to live themselves? I know a New York Giants fan who each year spends hours watching the NFL draft. When asked why spend those hours to watch each round when a list is available on line as it happens and in the newspaper the next day, he explained he had to know when it happened. He knows few draft picks make the team, fewer become starters, and even fewer reach “franchise” status.

Some people are so extreme they stalk, assault, even kill those they love so dearly. Sports stars, movie stars, the rich, and the famous provide little for our daily lives. They entertain, excite, anger, ore bore us, but only temporally. We have our own lives, lives given only once. Lives in which to achieve what we can. Living life through others certainly is a waste of precious time, your time. Other people may have more money or be famous in their occupation, but are they making you happy? Each of us is just as important as anyone else regardless of social status.

Live your life, not theirs, and you may find the happiness you seek. The rich and famous get to keep their fortune and fame, we do not. We must find our own riches and it will not be in money or fame.

© 2004 o. dell