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Hogan, Thomas - Hackworth, Margaret Peggy     August 17, 1825  Bedford Co., Va.  Reel 9, pg 275
Hogan, Thurman W. - Wood, Carrie Mabel   November 22, 1932   Botetourt Co., Va.       Book 2, pg 69
Hogan, Vilas Glen - Trump, Florence May 16, 1936 Montgomery Co., Va.    Reg. 2, pg 187
Hogan, Virginia Frances - Crouch, Robert    December 21, 1881     Bedford Co., Va.  Reel 41, pg 342
Hogan, Walter J. - Coburn, Bell     December 18, 1909    Dott, WV        
Hogan, William   Dillard, Nancy    January 19, 1780  Amherst Co., Va. 
Hogan, William Griffin - Sullivan, Sarah Sullivan   Abt. 1724   Anson Co., NC 
Hogan, William Harvey - Crawford, Minerva September 24, 1878    Botetourt Co., Va.  Book 1, pg 52
Hogan, William Thomas - Woodford, Sarah Davis     December 19, 1876   Bedford Co., Va.  Reel 37, pg 449
Hogan, Zachariah - Echols, Elizabeth  September 16, 1815   Bedford Co., Va.  Reel 9, pg 17
Hogan, Zachariah - Marksberry, Delilah   March 11, 1843    Kentucky
Hogan, Zaida - Horne, Paul J.    October 28, 1951    Roanoke, Va.    Vol. 6,pg 219
Hogan, Zaida - Franklin, Lewis   Bef. 1928   Roanoke, Va.       
Hogan, Zula Elizabeth - Wheeler, Clarence E.  December 21, 1932   Roanoke, Va.

Malinda Epperson SCOTT, born abt 1822 in Bedford Co. Virginia. Died 4 July 1885 in Pittsville, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. married 6 December 1842 in Bedford County, Virginia. to Obediah Davis HOGAN. born 4 Nov 1818 in Leesville, Campbell Co. Virginia. died 11 Aug 1896 in Pittsville, Pittsylvania, Virginia. One of their children: Nancy Frances HOGAN, born 29 Oct 1853 in Pittsburg, White Rock, Bedford County, Virginia. Died 23 March 1934 in St. Anthony, Fremont, Idaho. Married 23 Dec 1875 in Bedford Co., Virginia to John William (Pomp) TUCK.

09/16/1793  Marget Mitchell m. Obediah Hogan.  Enos Mitchell, surety.  Pg. 47


11 Feb 1850, Campbell Co, VA156, has groom's name as "Sam C"


Susan F (Fannie) (~1853-)


John D (~1857-)


Edward Dillard "Ned" (1858-1939)



Daniel HOGAN


ca 1799, Bedford Co, VA1


bef 1880


data from marriage and census records


Obediah HOGAN





8 Dec 1867, Pittsylvania Co, VA29

 Pittsylvania County, VA 1850 Federal Census     (INDEX - file 2 of 3)

This Census is being transcribed by a group of 20+ members of the VAPITTSYL Mailing List as part of a "team" effort organized by Sandy Onbey for the USGenWeb Archives Census Project, http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/census/

Pg#  Ln#  Last Name      First Name       Age   Birth Place       Filename

199A  26  Hogan          Dinncy           56    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  33  Hogan          Enoch            15    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  25  Hogan          Enus             55    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  28  Hogan          Henry            27    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  34  Hogan          Jane             11    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  35  Hogan          John             9     Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  30  Hogan          Joseph           22    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  32  Hogan          Lilie            16    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  27  Hogan          Mary             30    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  29  Hogan          Nancy            25    Va.               pg0195B.txt
199A  31  Hogan          William          19    Va.               pg0195B.txt

Pension Applicants - Act of 1900  PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY

Hogan, Obediah, Co. E, 6th Cav.
Hogan, T. J., Co. C, 46th Regt.
Hogan, Wm. W., Ringgold Batt.
Hogan, W. W., no unit given

09/16/1793  Marget Mitchell m. Obediah Hogan.  Enos Mitchell, surety.  Pg. 47.

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  VA  COUNTY:  Loudoun  REEL NO:  M432-957  PAGE NO:  253A

REFERENCE:  Enumerated by H.A. Hall on September 5, 1850


25  1311 1311 Hogan           Mahala                     40      F        B    .              .                          Virginia
26  1311 1311 Hogan         Polly                          85       F       B    .              .                           Virginia
27  1311 1311 Hogan         Betsey                      17        F      B    .              .                            Virginia
28  1311 1311 Hogan         Virginia                    15        F       B    .              .                             Virginia
29  1311 1311 Hogan         Maria                        14       F       B    .              .                             Virginia
30  1311 1311 Hogan         Henry                         12       M      B    .              .                             Virginia

CENSUS YR:  1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  VA  COUNTY:  Pittsylvania  DIVISION:  Northern District  REEL NO:  M432-968  PAGE NO:  199

REFERENCE:  enumerated 14th September 1850 by Wm.H.Waller


25  422  422 Hogan                 Enus                        55   M            /    Farmer                             Va.                           X
26  422  422 Hogan                Dinncy                     56   F                                                            Va.                           X
27  422  422 Hogan                Mary                        30   F                                                            Va.                           X
28  422  422 Hogan                Henry                      27   M            /    Laborer                             Va.                           X
29  422  422 Hogan                Nancy                     25   F                                                             Va.                           X
30  422  422 Hogan               Joseph                    22   M                  Laborer                             Va.                           X
31  422  422 Hogan                William                  19   M                   Laborer                              Va.                           X
32  422  422 Hogan                Lilie                        16   F                                                                Va.                          X
33  422  422 Hogan                Enoch                    15   M                                                               Va.
34  422  422 Hogan               Jane                       11   F                                                                Va.
35  422  422 Hogan               John                        9    M                                                                Va.

These are all relatives/ancestors of mine. Can you help me with information about them? Tazwell Ward HACKWORTH, born 20 Jan 1845 in Bedford County, VA, Susan HOLDER; b. 27 Aug 1806 in Campbell VA d. 12 Aug 1874 in Staunton, Bedford County, Virginia. Thomas HACKWORTH, b. 26 Jan 1801 in Bedford Co., VA. Thomas HACKWORTH, b. 11 April 1763 in Bedford Co., VA. Elizabeth Ann JOHNSON, b. 15 May 1764 in Bedford Co., VA. Elizabeth HOLDER (Mrs. Delaney Holder) b. 1784 in VA. Delaney HOLDER, b. 1773 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. John F. NICHOLS, b. 1804 in Bedford County, VA. Mary Jane NICHOLS, B. 13 Sep 1846 in Dundee, Bedford Co., VA. Mary (Polly) MITCHELL, b. abt 1812 in Bedford Co., VA. James MITCHELL, b. abt 1810 in VA. Sally NAVE, B. ABT 1810 in VA. Malinda Epperson SCOTT, b. abt 1822 in Bedford Co. VA. John SCOTT, b. abt 1775, m. 10 Sept 1795 in Bedford Co., VA. Lucy (Lizy) BONDURANT, b. 1775 in Beford Co., VA. William SCOTT, b. in Bedford Co., VA. Obediah Davis HOGAN, b. 14 Nov 1818, m. 6 Dec 1842 in Bedford Co., VA. Charles HOGAN, b. abt. 1793 in Pittsylvania, Bedford Co., VA. Mourning (Mona) HOGAN, b. abt 1800 Pittsylvania Bedford Co., VA. Obadiah HOGAN b. abt 1773 Bedford Co., VA. Margette Margaret MITCHELL, b. abt 1773 in Virginia. (Bedford?) Any information on any of these ancestors would be appreciated. Marian Ferney Pedersen

I am looking for the mother of Sarah Elizabeth BARKER. I THINK her father is Clark BARKER born 1804. Sarah's son, John William TUCK was married in Bedford County, VA. I have a Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) BARKER born April 1822/1823. place: Pittsylvania County, Virginia died: 1907, place: Floyd County, Virginia, married to: William Thomas TUCK born: 10 Jan 1816. place: Chalk Level, Pittsylvania, Virginia, married: 12 Feb 1846 in Campbell County, VA Died: Feb 1881. One of their sons: John William (POMP) TUCK B. 13 July 1853 in Chalk Level, Pittsylvania, Virginia. married 23 Dec. 1875 in Bedford, Virginia died: 18 May 1922, place: Teton City, Madison/Fremont, Idaho Married to Nancy Frances HOGAN. I do not have proof but I think her (Sarah Elizabeth's father is Clark BARKER. born 1804 I do not have Sarah's mother's name or any informaiton.

HOGAN - Seeking parents of CHARLES WILLIAM HOGAN born 21 July 1822, place of birth unknown died 21 Dec. 1900, bured Lynchburg VA. Mt. Hermon cemetary. wife FRANCIS UPDIKE ca 1825 died 23 Sept. 1904. parents could be OBADIAH HOGAN ca 1789 (?) and Maragert Michett (?).

Bedford Co., Va marriage records

Jan. 7, 1786; Enoch Hogan, s Milly & Ann Perrin; Charles Perrin, Surety; Consent of John Perrin.
Sep.___ 3, 1792; William Johnson & Dorcas Hogan; Enoch Hogan, Surety; Married by Joseph Drury, Sept. 3, 1792.
Sep. 16, 1793; Obediah Hogan & Marget Mitchell; Enos Mitchell, Surety; Married by Joseph Drury, Sept. 16, 1793.
Oct. 8, 1796; William Hudnall, Jr. & Elizabeth Hogan, dt Daukes Johnson; William Johnson and Thomas Hudnall, Sureties.
Nov. 26, 1805; Henry Holdron & Milley Hogan; Enoch Hogan, Sureton.
Sep. 5, 1808; Thomas Adkerson & Sally Hogan, dt Annis and Enuch; Thomas Squires, Surety.
Jan. 17, 1809; Johnson James & Polly Hogan, dt James; John Harris, Surety.
Jan. 2, 1810; Vardiman Basham & Amy Hogan, dt James; Johnson James, Surety.
Feb. 9, 1811; Lewis Crouch & Matilda Hogan, dt Mary; Jonah Dobyns, Surety.
Sep. 16, 1815; Zachariah Hogan & Elizabeth Eckhols; Jacob Eckhols, Surety.
Dec. 2, 1816; James Hogan & Lucy Haynes; Edward Hanes, Surety.
Mar. 20, 1817; Franklin Turner & Patsy Hogan; Obediah Hogan, Surety; Married by Peyton Welch, March 26, 1817.
Dec. 23, 1817; Thomas Johnson, s William A. & Elizabeth Hogan; Thomas Hogan, Surety.
Dec. 14, 1818; Charles Hogan & Mourning Hogan, dt Mary; Lewis Crouch, Surety; Married by James Scott, 1818.
Jul. 12, 1819; Enos Hogan & Denny West, dt Obediah; Jourdan West, Surety.
Dec. 8, 1821; Charles Crouch & Polly Hogan; Daniel Hogan, Surety; Consent of Marget Hogan; Married by William Harris, Dec. 21, 1821.
Dec. 30, 1822; Samuel Jones & Milly Hogan; James Hogan, Surety.
Jul. 8, 1825; Charles Hogan & Polly Glover, dt William; Thomas Leftwich, Surety.
Aug. 7, 1825; Thomas Hogan & Peggy Hackworth, dt Ann; Jesse Hackworth, Surety; Married by William Leftwich, Aug. 17, 1825.
Nov. 4, 1825; Daniel Hogan & Avey Creesey; Claiborne Creasy, Surety; Married by Charles Price, Nov. 8, 1825.
Dec. 14, 1825; James Creasy & Jane Hogan, dt Ann; Charles Hogan, Surety; Married by William Harris, Dec. 21, 1825.
May 11, 1826; James Jones & Polly Hogan; Edmond Haynes, Surety; Married by William Harris, May 11, 1826.
Dec. 19, 1829; Archibald Holdron & Elizabeth Hogan, dt Heatty (or Weatty); Charles Hogan, Surety; Married by James Leftwich, Jr., Dec. 23, 1829.
Dec. 29, 1830; Samuel Hogan & Nancy Still, dt John; Thomas F. Still, Surety; Married by William Harris, Jan. 2, 1831.
Oct. 24, 1831; Joseph Hogan & Lucinda Crouch; Peter Crouch, Surety; Consent of Fanney Crouch; Married by William Leftwich, Nov. 3, 1831.
Dec. 15, 1832; Berryman Meador & Catharine Hogan, dt Heatha; John Hancock, Surety; Married by James Leftwich, Dec. 20, 1832.
Dec. 31, 1832; Peter Hogan & Nancy Carner, dt David and Sally; Nathaniel West, Surety; Married Merryman Lunsford, Dec. 31, 1832.
Jul. 30, 1834; James Creasy & Malinda Hogan; Married by James Leftwich.
Dec. 16, 1834; Milbern Hogan & Nancy F. Saunderson, dt Belinda M. Sanderson; Granville Tucker, Surety.
Oct. 26, 1835; John Adams & Margaret Hogan, dt Margaret; Samuel Hogan, Surety; Married by James Leftwich, Oct. 29, 1835.
Mar. 28, 1836; William B. Arthur & Catharine Hogan, dt Anna; Austin Adkisson, Surety; Married by William Leftwich, April 14, 1836.
Aug. 24, 1839; William Franklin & Martha Ann Hogan, dt Charles; James Turner, Surety; Married by Benjamin Meador.
Nov. 2, 1840; Samuel Hogan & Frances Elizabeth Overstreet; Archibald Overstreet, Surety.
Dec. 6, 1842; Obediah Hogan & Malinda Scott, dt Lizy, Joshua Scott, Surety.
Mar. 30, 1847; James Hogan & Nancy Falls, dt Israel; Thomas Craft, Surety.
Aug. 14, 1848; Washington Hogan & Nancy Jane Gross, dt Polly; Marshall Gross, Surety.
Mar. 10, 1851; Benjamin Kessler & Eliza Ann Hogan, dt Charles; Giles Q. Hogan, Surety.
Oct. 14, 1851; Jack Dwire & Elizabeth Hogan; James Hogan, Surety.
Dec. 19, 1851; Thomas J. Cheek & Lydia S. Hogan, dt Joseph; George C. Lewis, Surety; Married by Thomas C. Goggin, Dec. 23, 1851.
Dec. 22, 1851; Albert M. Witt & Emeline Hogan, dt Charles; Giles Q. Hogan, Surety.
Feb. 23, 1852; John H. Loyd & Sarah Frances Hogan, dt Charles; Married by T. C. Goggin, March 3, 1852.
Mar. 17, 1852; John English & Elizabeth Hogan; Married by Abner Anthony.
Dec. 21, 1853; William F. Goard & Mary F. Hogan; Married by Abner Anthony. 

Santa Fe National Cemetery - Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Please visit "The National Cemetery Administration Records Verification Project " for details on what this means.

Hogan, Catherine A, b. 04/20/1905, d. 10/09/1989, MSGT USA, Plot: 6 3460, bur. 10/11/1989, *
Hogan, Frances E, b. 09/09/1918, d. 08/02/1999, US Army, TEC 4, Res: Albuquerque, NM, Plot: X 0 621, bur. 08/06/1999
Hogan, George L, 2ND LT AIR CORPS, Group Burial, *
Hogan, George L, d. 08/23/1944, 2LT AC WWII, Plot: N 257, bur. 04/29/1950, *
Hogan, James R Jr, b. 07/06/1968, d. 07/06/1968, SGT 526 FIS USAF APO NYY 09009, Plot: 0 579, bur. 07/15/1968, *
Hogan, James R., b. 07/13/1919, d. 02/10/1987, SGT - USA, Plot: 4 807, bur. 02/13/1987, *
Hogan, Joseph A Sr, b. 05/03/1922, d. 03/09/1993, AMM1 USCG, Plot: 8 557, bur. 03/11/1993, *
Hogan, Mary B, b. 11/06/1903, d. 03/27/1979, CPL USA WAC, Plot: 3 1014, bur. 04/02/1979, *
Hogan, Virginia H, b. 08/12/1923, d. 03/20/1995, US Army, TEC 5, Res: Santa Fe, NM, Plot: 4 0 807, bur. 03/24/1995
Hogan, William Harvey, b. 01/27/1923, d. 01/13/1993, LT JG USN, Plot: 9 145, bur. 01/16/1993, *

This file contains a portion of the information stored in the "Register of Deaths for Chester County," volumes 1-3 (1893-1907), located the Chester County Archives. The complete set of 24 files represents about six hundred hours of labor by West Chester University History students and their professor.

Hogan, Albert B., 2, 114, colored, male, 24, single, West Chester, , 1906/10/25, Chester County Hospital, internal trouble, 2 weeks
Hogan, Ellen, 1, 103, white, female, 69, married, Ireland, , 1896/08/07, Coatesville, old age, 2 years
Hogan, Ida, 1, 107, colored, female, , single, USA, , 1897/09/08, Lenape, weakness,
Hogan, Sarrah, 2, 111, white, female, 40, married, Elkdale, , 1905/08/06, Forrestville, pneumonia, 2 days
Hogan, Virginia, 1, 107, colored, female, 1 day, single, USA, , 1897/09/08, Lenape, weakness, 1 day 


Hogan, Obediah Davis

4 NOV 1818 

Leesville,Campbell Co.,VIRGINIA 

11 AUG 1896 



Search Ancestry.com Has children

Spouse: Malinda Eperson Scott 


Information from Internet:  from Haynes Family of Grayson Ohio .  McLean& Davies Counties of Kentucky. Author: Compiled by Mrs. Delbert Carby ,Rt. Clarkson, Kentucky.  Publication 1981.

James Hogan born: after 1817.  died after 1847.
Family #1. Lucy Haynes marriage: 2 Dec 1846 in Bedford Co., VA.
Lucy Haynes born: after 1775 and died after 1847.  Parents: John Haynes and Joicy Anderson.

Notice:  I have 1846 and 1816 for marriage dates. NOTE: This sounds kind of mixed up....wrong people?

I had a note with this information on it.:  Lucy Haynes m. 2 Dec 1816, Bedford, VA   to James Hogan Death was after 1817.

Bedford County, Virginia   Marriages:

Dec. 2, 1816; James Hogan & Lucy Haynes; Edward Hanes (Haynes ?), Surety.


Obediah Davis Hogan, born 11-14-1819 (1821), Died 08-15(11)-1896 Married 12-06-1842, Malinda Epperson Scott, born 1823

Mary:   born 1845 (
Larah:   born 1848 (   this from 1850 Bedford County, Va. census
James: born  1850 (
William Davis
Sarah Jane
James Turner
Nancy Frances

These last four names were taken from Ancestry.com. so I cannot prove them.

Children of Charles Hogan, born 1795, and Mourning (Mona) "Dickerson", born  1800 Married 12-14-1818:

1.  Obediah Davis Hogan
2.  Charles William Hogan (laborer), born 07-21-1822, Died 12-22-1900,  Campbell Co, Va., married 01-11-1852, Francis Jane Updike, born01-26-1834, Campbell County, Va., died 09-22-1904.  Both are buried in Mt. Herman Cemetery, Altavista, Va. He was a Civil War Veteran, Co. B, 14th Regiment.  Was on the list of prisoners of War paroled at Appomattox Court House, April 9, 1865.
3.  James E. Hogan, born 1826
4.  Ann J. Hogan, born 1828
5.  Elizabeth Hogan, born 1830
6.  Mary F. Hogan, born 1834
7.  William H. Hogan, born 1836
8.  Thomas J. Hogan, born 1839

From 1850 Census of Bedford Co., Va.

Children of Charles W. Hogan (farmer)

l.  William Lewis Hogan (miller)
Born 11-05-1853. Lynch Station, Campbell Co., Va
Died  04-20-1913, Altavista, Va., buried Mt. Herman Cemetery, Altavista, VA. Married 11-26-1873
Augusta Jane Emanuel, born 01-27-1854, died 10-15-1918, buried Mt. Herman
Father:  Charles Emanuel   Mother:  Calesta Jane West

2.  Ansalam Hogan
Born:  07-26-1856
Died: 08-25-1945, buried Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Va.
Married 1877, Mary R. White, born 1860

.1.  Walter Hogan, born 12-18-1880, died 02-18-1931
2.  Orin E. Hogan, born 12-18-1884, died 02-24-1965, married Fannie Jennings
        Owen on 09-12-1908, born 12-19-1882, died 05-21-1946.  Both buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Va.
3.  Maude Emma Hogan, born 04-12-1887, died 06-23-1968
4.  Samuel Price Hogan, born 03-12-1890, died 06-19-192
5.  John T. Hogan, born 11-17-1892,
6.  Ray Hogan, born 02-08-1895, died 06-01-1963
7.  Edna Hogan, born 03-06-1900, died 10-21-1989
8.  Gladys Jane Hogan, born -04-10-1903, died 12-19-1983

3.  Alice Hogan
Born 12-10-1870, Died 08-05-1948 Married 12-09-1886, Thomas West, born 05-18-1865, died 07-25-1942

Children of William Lewis Hogan and Augusta Jane Emanuel:
l.  William Edd Hogan, born 01-07-1875, married Emma J. Laughon
2.  Callie Bell Hogan, born 05-19-1876, died 04-06-1970, married John Webb, born 10-06-1881, died 04-09-1945, both buried Mt. Herman Cemetery.
3.  Ella Elizabeth Hogan, born 09-22-1877, died 12-25-1967, married Frank Armstrong Damewood on 09-06-1905,
4.  A 06-08-1946lonza Hunt Hogan, born 09-21-1879, died 03-20-1959, married Coral Goad, born 01-27-1880, died 05-01-1939,C both buried Mt. Herman Cemetery
5.  Charles J. Hogan, born 02-10-1881, married 11-23-1902, Bessie Wood
6.  Oscar John Hogan, born 02-14-1883, died 05-20-1969,married 10-31-1917,Willie Martha Owen, born 04-20-1887, died 04-03-1967, both buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Lynchburg, Va.
7.  Samuel L. Hogan, born 09-17-1888, died 06-08-1846, married Ollie Hall 05-1911
8.  Manassa A. Hogan, born 05-28-1890, married Mary Hanberry
9.  James L. Hogan, born 03-25-1892, married Myrtle West
10.Ida Mae Hogan, born 02-18-1894, married Lawrence Proffitt
11.John R. Hogan, born 02-10-1896, died 07-29-1972, married Merlo Johnson, born 01-22-1905, died 08-01-1968, both buried Mt. Herman Cemetery
12.Francis Jane Hogan, born 05-31-1898, married Lester Reitz

Message on Board  Hogan Surnames: Posted by Tim Janney.

I tried to contact you from an old posting you did a long time ago.  Your email address has changed.  April 1999 and August 2000 you posted info about Zachariah Hogan and Elizabeth Eckhols.  You also posted about James Hogan and Lucy Haynes.  I think I tie into these with Hogans in VA.  We have a tombstone that states Mary E. Hogan (b. 1820 d. March 1821 is the daughter of Zachariah/Elizabeth.  We also are looking at James/ Lucy as Green Hogans parents.  Once we connect Green we have a solid line to the present on 4 of his children. 

Film 0414105;  Obediah Hogan and Marget Mitchell m. Sept. 16, 1793 in Bedford Co., Virginia, Enos Mitchell, Surety.

Information from Obadiah Hogan

Descendants of Obadiah Hogan

Generation No.1

1. Obadiah Hogan. He married Marget Mitchell.
Notes for Obadiah (Obediah) Hogan: Encyclopedia of American Quiaker genealogy: Virginia Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, D.C. 1793 09, 1794, Obediah Hogan and Margaret Mitchell,Enos Mitchell, Surety, Married by Joseph Drury. September 16, 1793.

Decemdants, trusts or Wards from 1754, (General Index 6 Granter page 173).
1818 Hogan Obediah   Obediah Hogan's widow & children Will- Will Bk. 05,page 13. 1818 Hogan Obediah   Margaret Hogan Admrs. Inv & appsmt.bk 5 page 39.

Notes for Margaret (Mitchell) Hogan:
Daughter of Enos Mitchell.
Indenture between Margaret Hogan and Obadiah Hogan, Jr. (son) Bedford Clerks office September 1843. Teste: Michell (?)

Indenture between Obediah Hogan and Charles Hogan Jr. (brothers)
The December 1885. Signed Charles (x) Hogan, Sr.

Children of Obediah Hogan and Margaret Mitchell are:
1. Charles Hogan, b. 1795 in Bedford County, Virginia, died Abt. 16 February in 1856 in Pittsylvania, VA., married Mourning (Mona) Hogan, 14 December 1818 in Bedford County, Virginia.
2. Obadiah Hogan, Jr. m. Peggy.

The Family of Charles Hogan

Generation No. 2

2.Charles Hogan (Obadiah (Obediah) Hogan) was born 1795 in Bedford County, Virginia, died Abt. 16 February in Bedford County, Virginia.

Notes for Charles Hogan: Marriage Bonds of Bedford Co., Virginia 1818,12,14. Charles & Mourning Hogan, dt Mary, Lewis Crouch, Surety.Married by James Scott, 1818.

Second marriage: 1825, 7, 8. Charles & Polly Glover, dt William. Thomas Leftwich, Surety.

Note: could be a third wife also?

Census of Bedford-Campbell counties, Hogan family Histories.

Children of Charles Hogan and Mourning (Mona) Hogan are:
1. Obediah Davis Hogan b. 04 Nov. 1819; d. 11 Aug. 1896; m. 06 Dec 1842;Malinda Epperson Scott.
2. Charles W. Hogan, b. 21 July 1822; d. 22 Dec. 1900; m. Francis Updike.
3. James E. Hogan, b. Abt. 1826; m. 02 Dec. 1846; m. Lucy Haynes.
4. Ann J. Hogan, b. Abt 1828; no further information.
5. Elizabeth Ann Hogan, b. Abt. 1830; m. 10 Mar. 1851; Benjamin Kessler.
6. Mary F. Hogan, b. Abt 1834; m. 21 Dec 1853; William F. Goad.
7. Henry L. Hogan; b. Abt 1835; m. 05 Dec 1859; Sarah A. Sessar.
8. William H. Hogan,b.Abt 1836; no further information.
9. Thomas I. Hogan, b. Ab5t. 1839; m. 15 Nov. 1865; Lucy B. Dove.


Marriage Bonds: Bedford Co., VA (Ancestry.com) 030,581

1786, 7 Jan. - Hogan, Enoch - Ann Perrin
1792, 3 Sep. - Hogan, Dorcas- William Johnson (dau Enoch)
1793,16 Sep. - Hogan, Obediah - Margaret Mitchell (Son of Milly)
1796, 8 Oct. - Hogan, Elizabeth-William Hudrall Jr.
1786, 7 Jan. - Hogan, Enoch (son of Milly) to Ann Perrin

Film: 0414105; Obediah Hogan and Marget Mitchell married Sept. 16, 1793.
in Bedford Co., Virginia, Enos Mitchell, Surety. Married by: Joseph Drury, September 16, 1793.

Will of Enos Mitchell: Bedford Co., Virginia.  Will book 4, 1811-1817;pages, 350& 351; Reel 26 LVA. States:"Obediah Hogan who inter married with Peggy Mitchell" dated 1817.
I have a Obadiah Hogan and Margette (Marget) (Peggy) (Margaret) Mitchell married 16 Sep 1793 in Bedford Co., VA in my direct line.
Enos Mitchell is Peggy Mitchell's father.

Joseph Davis Will Lunenburg Co., VA Will Book 3, 1778-1791  pages, 3 & 4  Reel #19 LVA

Which states: daughter Margaret and To Enos Mitchell, and grandson,Joseph Mitchell dated 1778.so now I know Enos' wife was Margaret Davis and her father was Joseph Davis. And their son was Joseph Mitchell. Helen thinks the grandson of Joseph Davis was named Joseph Davis Mitchell.

Enos' parents were: Robert Mitchell b. ca 1714, Londonderry, Londonderry Co., Ireland. and Mary Enos b. 17 Aug 1718 in Deleware. (DE)

Marriage Bonds: Bedford Co., VA 030,581

1786, 7 Jan. - Hogan, Enoch - Ann Perrin
1792, 3 Sep. - Hogan, Dorcas- William Johnson (dau Enoch)
1793,16 Sep. - Hogan, Obediah - Margaret Mitchell (Son of Milly)
1796, 8 Oct. - Hogan, Elizabeth-William Hudrall Jr.
1786, 7 Jan. - Hogan, Enoch (son of Milly) to Ann Perrin

Crouchs and they are connected to Mitchells. I have a copy of the marriage bond for Obediah Hogan and Margaret Mitchell which listed Enos Mitchell on that bond. Their daughter Patsy married Franklin Turner Mar. 20, 1817. Patsy and Franklin had a daughter-Nancy who married Thomas Crouch on May 8,1838. This was my great great grandfather.

Hogans and Bondurants

I have the following info on Obediah Davis Hogan's parents.  I am not even sure where I got it, so don't be surprised if it is wrong.  His father, Charles, born about 1793 and died about 1847.. (I have abt 16 Feb 1856/1857) His mother, Mourning (MonO) Nee Dickerson.  Married on December 14, 1818.  Then I have Charles' father as Obadiah Hogan who was married to Margurette Mitchell. I have that they both were born in 1773 and both died in 1818.  That sounds a little strange to me, so it i s probably incorrect.  There marriage date was September 16, 1793.  Their children - Charles, Enos, Obadiah, Samuel, Nancy, David, Joseph, Margaret, Mary Polly.  Again this all may or may not be right. I will get the pictures copied the next time I go to Office Max.  I know nothing about Lucy Bondurant.  If I find out anything I will let you know

Descendant Report for Northern Bedford County Mitchell Group from Information gathered in Bedford County Historical Society per John E. Mitchell.(1)  John Mitchell b. 25 Jan 1678, Londonderry County Londonderry, Ireland. d. 14 Feb 1771, Augusta County, Virginia married:  Mary Boyd date:  ?

(2)  Robert Mitchell  b. abt. 1684, Londonderry, Ireland d. 25 Feb 1799, Bedford County, Virginia  married Mary Enos. b. 17 Aug 1718, Willmington, New Castle, Deleware.    d. Bedford County, Virginia
(3)   James Mitchell (REV)married Frances Rice 19 Dec. 1782. b. 29 Jan 1747, Pequea, PA  c. 27 Feb 1841
(3)   Samuel Mitchell
            (3)  Daniel Mitchell Sr   b. abt. 1750   d. about 1812.  married-Margaret Bryan about 1780
(4)  Daniel Mitchell Jr. m. Sallie Wood m. 1816.
(5)  Burrell David Mitchell  m. Sarah M. Powell.
(6)  Willie Edward Mitchell m.   Lelia Alice Hodges  m.   -----------Beard
(3)  Robert Mitchell m. Agnes
(3)  Stephen Mitchell & Keturah Wade m. 13 Mar 1783.
(4)  Nancy Mitchell & William Wilson
(4)  Polly C. Mitchell & John Allison
(4)  Martha (Patsy) Mitchell & William Lindsey
(4)  Elizabeth Mitchell & William Mitchell
(4)  John Mitchell b. 4 Aug 1791 d. 4 Dec 1791.
(4)  John B. Mitchell & Margaret Davis
(4)  Lucinda Mitchell
(4)  Keturah Mitchell & Stephen Lindsey
(4) Charity Mitchell & Alexander Smith
(4)  Stephen Newton Mitchell & Nancy Davis
(5)  Keturah Mitchell & Alexander Weddle
(5)  Rachel Mitchell & Daniel Gray
(5)  Franklin Davis Mitchell
(5)  William Henry Mitchell & Caroline Gray
(6)  Franklin Davis Mitchell & Rosette Smith
(6)  Edward Newton Mitchell & Maggie Hawks m. 17 March 1901.
(6)  Mary Pierce Mitchell & C.T. Brown.
(6)  William Crockett Mitchell & Ellen Jacobson.
(7)  William Charles Mitchell
(7)  King Jacobson Mitchell
(6)  Henry Brooks Mitchell
(6)  Thomas Kelly Mitchell & Vivian Byerle
(6)  James Arthur Mitchell & Lucinda Greer
(5)  Emily Amanda Mitchell & Cloyd Shockley
(5)  James Crockett Mitchell
(5)  Stephen Lindsey Mitchell & Mary J. Davis.
(4)  Robert Mitchell & Sarah Wright
(3)  Mary Mitchell
(3)  Francis Mitchell & Benjamin Hodges m. 24 August 1783.
(3)  Enos Mitchell  married Margaret Davis
(3)  Susannah Mitchell & Josiah Campbell
(2)  Daniel Mitchell
(3)  Daniel Mitchell & Judy Pruit.
(4)  Matilda Mitchell m. William Stevens/Stephens, 29 Dec 1818.

Obediah/Obadiah Hogan, b. 1767 of Bedford County, Virginia, d. ca 1818 in Bedford County, Virginia. He married Margaret Mitchell, b. ca 1768 of Bedford County, Virginia, and d. ca 1818 in Bedord County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Enos Mitchell and Margaret Davis.Will share inforamtion. 

Bedford VA marriages: Jul. 12, 1819: Enos Hogan & Denny West, dt Obediah, Jourdan West, Surety.

Letter from Thelma Hogan, 5029 Clark St., Baton Rouge, LA. Jan 11, 1999.

"Enos Hogan in his will in Pittsylvania Co., VA. Left his estate to his wife (unnamed) and then it was to go to his children which were: Mary, Editha Ann, Nany, Obadiah, William, Enoch, Celia M., B. Jane, John & Josephine?  April 27, 1818.

On page 6; Terry has a Lewis Hogan who was a witness in Garrard Co.,Kentucky. "Wills & Estates 1796-1819", by Charles Franklin  1986. Published by Heritage House, Indianapolis, Indiana pages 17-18. Lewis Hogan is listed as a witness to a will of John Hogan, dated Dec.18, 1797, wife Elizabeth Hogan, children not named. Exec. Jacob Black, Daniel Brown & Elizabeth Hogan; Witnesses: NicholasLloyd, Robert McKay, & Lewis Hogan.  Listed Garrand Co., Kentucky.  WillBook A, page 8. Maggie Wickel lists a Lewis Hogan b. 1789, d. 1846, father Wm. Hogan(1760-1815) Mother: Nancy Dillard Hogan of Edgefield, Kershaw, S.C.,Sumter Co.-

Subject:  Hogans and Bondurants
Obediah Davis Hogan's parents.  His father, Charles, born about 1793 and died about 1847.. (abt 16 Feb 1856/1857?)

His mother, Mourning (MonO) Nee Dickerson.  Married on December 14, 1818.  Charles' father as Obadiah Hogan who was married to Margurette Mitchell. I have that they both were born in 1773 and both died in 1818.  That sounds a little strange to me, so it is probably incorrect.  Their marriage date was September 16, 1793.  Their children - Charles, Enos, Obadiah, Samuel, Nancy, David, Joseph, Margaret, Mary Polly. I know nothing about Lucy Bondurant.

My ancestry includes a Hannah Vaughan who married John Hogan in County Cork, Ireland. Their daughter was Mary Hogan born May 1882/3 in Co Cork and emigrated to the US after 1900 as a maid and an orphan. I think they may have been from Boherbue. I found references to a Hannah, daughter of Timothy Vaughan and Ellen McCarthy b. 1859 and one daughter of James Vaughan and Hannah Connell b. in 1852.

Searching for info on Hannah Vaughan b. abt. 1860 in Ireland, and died in Ireland. She married John Hogan. Their daughter, Mary Hogan b. 1883 was married in NYC before 1900 to Victor Tenny. Appreciate any info. Why did she emigrate without her parents by herself?

Elijah C. Hogan/Gillie Rivers, GA. Source Van K. Brock

Gillie Rivers born in 1840 in Wilkenson Co., GA was the daughter of Joel Rivers of Wilkenson County. Gillie married Elijah Colombus Hogan and died in Gray, GA. I am curious about Elijah because my ggm was Frances Hogan Brock born abt. 1830 from Coweta and Carroll County, GA.

John Hogan born abt. 1675, died abt. 1733. Father William Hogan born abt. 1650 in England or Ireland. John's wife is unknown. children listed as William, Zachariah, Thomas born abt. 1716 in Virginia, James Hogan born 1733. Source This is from Baker/Steed Connections, World Connect Project. Wiliam Hogan born abt. 1650 in England Died 5, Nov. 1734 in VA. Land Purchase 22 Dec. 1682 Gloucester County,VA. Spouse unknown. Children listed John abt. 1675, William abt 1680 In Cumberland, VA.  Land Purchase was 15 acres, Kingston Parish "Beginning at Mr. Clegg near head of branch Winter Harbor Creek.

William Hogan born abt.1650 Father William Hogan Married Elizabeth Griffin born abt. 1683  Married abt. 1700 Children Willam born abt 1705 in VA. Thomas H. Hogan born abt. 1716 Marriage 2 Margaret Banester born abt. 1700 Married abt. 1734. Same Source

William Green Hogan born 1804 in GA. Died before 1860 in Yell, AR.
Father Edmund Hogan born 1780 in Anson County,N.C.
Mother Frances Jane
Married Mary Rankin    Married 17 March 1825 in Lower Fourche, Pulaski,AR.

William G. Hogan born 1829
Allen M. Hogan born 1831
James W. Hogan born 1833
John S. Hogan born 1835
Mary A. Hogan born 1837
Edmund Hogan born 1839
David Hogan born 1841
Francis P. Hogan born 1844
Woodson R. Hogan born 1847

Rebekah Hogan born Nov.1853 in AR. died 1913 Sugar Grove, Logan Co. AR Burial Ephraim Davis Cemetery, Logan County, AR. Married Pleasant Andrew Garner born 6,Feb. 1852 Boon township, Scott County, AR. Married 1871 in AR. 5 children. Lucinda born 11/28/1874 Sugar Grove, AR. John E. born abt. 1875, Mary E. 11/24/1876 Sugar Grove, Charlie Garner 12.28/1880 Grayson Community, Logan Co., Dixon born 4/22/1882 in Grayson, Logan Co, AR.

Valerie Hogan born 15 Aug. 1897 in Kissimmee, Osceola Co. FL. She died in Aug. 1944. Her father was Edgar Davis Hogan born Mar. 21,1861 in Ocala, Marion County, FL. He married Harriett Outlaw born Sept. 15, 1873 in Sumter Co. FL. Valerie married Rufus Griffitn Phinney on Aug. 8 1915. Margaret Hackworth born Oct.7, 1802 in Bedford, VA. Father was George Hackworth, mother Ann Pearcy (Murphy?) born 26 April, 1768. She married Thomas Hogan born 8, Dec. 1797 in Ireland. They were married 17 Aug,1825. Unity Ann Hogan born 24 May,1826 in Lynchburg, Bedford, VA. Pamela Jane Hogan born 1828. James A. Hogan born 1829, Lucinda Virginia Hogan born 1831, Sarah Paton Hogan born 1833, Margaret M. Hogan born 1835, Charles H. Hogan born 1837, Daniel Boone Hogan born 1839, Martha E. Hogan born 1841 and Mary Elizabeth Hogan born 1842. They had 10 children.

The origin of the Hogans in this country was North Carolina. There is also a group of Hogans who supposedly came later, no relation according to them. I think they settled in Kentucky but don't remember the state. If one of you runs across Silence Hogan I would LOVE having her maiden name!

Here is one possibility for the Washinton name. Susannah Perrin born 27 June 1753 and died 5 March in Harewood, Jefferson County, VA. (now WV.) She married Col. Samuel Washinton born 16, Nov. 1734 in Wakefield, Westmore Co. VA. They were married about 1778. Only one child listed for them. He is John Perrin Washinton born about 1779 in Harewood, Jefferson County,VA. (now West Virginia) This info is listed in GENDEX, under Schroder Genealogy. 

This is Dorothy Giddens page and she has a lot on the Hogans.


John West born 1727 died 1818 in Campbell County,VA Married to UNKNOWN.
Nathaniel West born c.1750
Thomas West bornca. 1755 and he married BETSEY HOGAN! on 30 Aug. 1790 Bedford County,VA.
John West b,ca, 1757 married Norma Priscilla Arthur
rancis West(female) bornca.1758 married Thomas Hudson
Rueben West ca. 1760 married Ann Arthur
Obediah West born ca 1763 married CORA HOGAN
Letitia West born 1765 married William Perrin

We have always been curious about the "WILLIS" in our family, and it shows up, too, in the Hogan family. Elizabeth Perrin born 1751, died 1791, married Francis Willis, born 1744. They married in 1767. They had 5 children. Francis born 1768, Susanna born 1770, Elizabeth Carter Willis born 1771, Priscilla Willis born 1773 and John Willis with no dob for him. 

I have listed  a Dial Hogan, borther Isaiah, sister Sophronia. Father ? Hogan, mother Elizabeth Dial. Location here would probably be Texas.

Paschal Black Hogan born 2/20/1858 in Bedford,VA. died 3/17/1931 Parents were Washinton P. Hogan and Nancy Ann Gross. Robert Lee Hogan born 7/9/1863 in Bedford. Died 2/9/1896 in Bedford. Parents Washinton P. Hogan and Lucy? Roscoe Hogan born 9/24/1876 died 1/7/1931 Parents Washington P. and Lucy. Roy Washinton Hogan born 12/26/1895 in Blue Ridge, VA. died 2/8/1966 Parents George Washinton Hogan and Ailie Elizabeth Perdue. Washinton P. Hogan born 1818/1819 died 8/26/ 1875 in Bedford. Parents James W. Hogan and Lucy Haynes He married Nancy Jane Gross 8/14/1848 in Bedford. their children are James Edward, John Henry, George Washington, Paschal Black, William Green.was born 5/12/1860 Bedford, died 7/10/1860. Parents were Washington P. and Nancy Ann Gross. William Worth Hogan born 3/28/1865. He died 4/3/1935. His parents were Washington P. and Lucy. Zula Elizabeth Hogan born 75/1888 in Blue Ridge. Died 7/1981 in Bedford. Parents were Geo. Wash. and Aillie Elizabeth Perdue. James W. Hogan born about 1785 died after 1860 in Bedford. Married Lucy Hanes born 12/12/ 1816 in Bedford. Children listed as Wash. P Then, here we get pretty vague. Elizabeth Jane bor 1/6/1879 in Bedford and married Peter Joseph Milton born 712/1899 and they had 10 children. I don't have the names, etc. of the kids. No idea why. Lewis Hogan married Mary Dawling born 1875.I have been looking for a Mourning. I found Mourning Griffen born 1735 and a Mourning Melton born 1738.