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Here is my family connection to the Jefferson family.
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The Family of John Jefferson and wife (unknown)

John Jefferson was born in Gwynedd, Wales about 1630. No other information is known about him.
Known child of John and unknown wife:

1. Thomas Jefferson  (b. 1653  Place: Curles, Henrico County, VA  d. 1697 in Henrico, VA)

The Family of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Branch

Thomas Jefferson was born at Curles, James River, Henrico, Virginia in 1653. Mary Branch about 1660 in Henrico Co., VA. The two married in 1677 at Curles on the James River, Henrico, VA. Thomas died in 1697 in Henrico. It is known Mary died after 1700. They had three children.

Thomas and Mary Branch Jefferson's children:

1. Thomas Jefferson II (b. 1677  Place: Henrico County, VA  d. 18 Feb 1731  Place:  Prob. Osborne's, Chesterfield Co., VA)
2. Martha Jefferson (b. abt 1679  Place: Henrico, VA) 
3. Mary Jefferson (b. abt. 1679  Place: Henrico, VA) 

The Family of Thomas Jefferson II and Mary Field

Thomas Jefferson II was born in 1677 in Henrico Co., VA.  Mary Field was born 3 Feb 1679 in Henrico, VA. The two were married in Henrico Parish, VA on 20 Oct 1697. They had seven children.

Thomas and Mary Field Jefferson's children:

1. Judith Jefferson (b. 30 Aug 1698  Place: Monticello, Henrico, VA  d. 14 Feb 1723   Place:  St James Parish, Mecklenburg, VA)
2. Thomas Jefferson (b. 24 Sep 1700  Place: Henrico, Virginia  d. 14 Feb 1723)
3. Field Jefferson (b. 6 Mar 1702  Place:  Chesterfield Co, VA  d. 10 Feb 1765  Place: Mecklenburg, VA)
4. Alice Jefferson (b. 1704/1706  Place: Henrico, VA)
5. Peter Jefferson (b. 29 Feb 1708  Place: Chesterfield Co., VA  d.  17 Aug 1757  Place: Goochland, VA *father of 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson)
6. Mary Jefferson (b. 1709  Place:  Henrico, Virginia  d. 13 Apr 1755  Place: Powhatan, Virginia)
7. Martha Jefferson (b. abt 1712  Place: Virginia)

The Family of George Farrar and Judith Jefferson

William and Priscilla Farrar also had a son George who was born about 1695. To say George married well is a significant understatement for he married about 1717 to Judith Jefferson , born 1698, daughter of Thomas Jefferson II and aunt of Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States.

George and Judith occupied Gilly’s Mill Plantation, which her father deeded to George in 1729. "The deed describes the plantation as being in Henrico County Southside (which later became Chesterfield County), south side of Swift Creek, both sides of Reedy Run, near Curles. Described as on John and Frederick Baugh’s line, it was also in the neighborhood of the Jefferson plantation." Miss Holmes continues, "George and Judith Farrar occupied this plantation for about thirty years during which he was active in the life of the county, serving on the jury, acting as appraiser and processionar of land in 1736." George and his family later moved to Mecklenburg County, Virginia on the Roanoke River where he died at about the age of 80 in 1772. His will is on file in Mecklenburg County, VA. Judith is believed to have died about 1786 at the age of 88 years.

George and Judith Jefferson Farrar's children:

1. William Farrar (b. abt 1714  Place:  Chesterfield Co., VA  d. 1788 Place:  Granville Co., NC)
2. Abel Farrar (b. abt 1716  Place: Chesterfield, VA)
3. George Farrar (b. 1720  Place: Chesterfield, VA d.  1761  Place:  Mecklenburg, VA)
4. Mary Farrar (b. 1722  Place: Chesterfield, Va.  d. bef 1793  Place: Mecklenburg, VA)
5. Field Farrar (b. abt 1724  Place: Chesterfield, VA)
6. Thomas Farrar (b. 1726  Place: Chesterfield, Va.  d.  1809  Place:  Carnesville, GA)
7. John Farrar (b. 1728  Place: Chesterfield, VA)
8. Priscilla Farrar (b. 9 Jun 1729 Place:  Chesterfield, VA  d. 1808  Place:  Madison/Carlton, Franklin, GA)
9. Peter Farrar (b.  6 Jun 1730  Place: Chesterfield, VA  christened:  Place:  Amelia, VA)
10. Priscilla Farrar (b. abt 1732 Place: Chesterfield, VA  d.  8 Nov 1808  Place: Oglethorpe, GA)


More About George Farrar , Sr.

Dwelling: Grill's Mill, willed to Judith Jefferson Will Probated: 12 Oct, 1772, Mecklenburg Co., Virginia Will Written: 16 Mar, 1772 Captain in Revolutionary Army

Children of Judith Jefferson and George Farrar:

MARY MOORE FARRAR, was born about 1720 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died before 1793 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.  Mary married Thomas Moore about 1742 in Henrico County, Virginia. Their child was Taffinous Moore who married William Hudson.
GEORGE FARRAR  Sr., was born 1722 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1761 in Mecklenburg County, Virginia.
WILLIAM FARRAR, was born about 1724 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1788 in Granville, North Carolina.
MAJOR THOMAS   FARRAR, was born August 10, 1726 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died August 20, 1809 in Carnesville, Franklin County, Georgia.
JOHN FARRAR, was born 1728 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died February 1808 in Wake County, North Carolina.
PRISCILLA FARRAR, was born June 9, 1729 in Chesterfield County, Virginia and died October 1808 in Madison, Franklin County, Georgia.
PETER FARRAR, was born June 6, 1730 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died October 1, 1815 in Edgefield, South Carolina.
ABLE FARRAR, was born 1731 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died 1765 in French & Indian War.  In an act for paying militia who had been in active service, passed in 1765 (Hening), there appears, under the head of Chesterfield county, a payment for services in 1760 to George Farrar for balance of Abel Farrar's pay as Lieutenant. 
In the Journal of the House of Burgesses, November 16, 1764, is an entry of the submission of a claim of Abel Farrar as a Lieutenant in the new recruits for 139 days' service. 
FIELD FARRAR SR, was born 1732 in Farrar Island, Henrico County, Virginia and died October 1836 in Tennessee. Field married Martha ___.  Field Farrow granted a deed on 6 Nov 1752 in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Child of Field Farrar and Martha____ was Field Farrar Jr.

Children Of Thomas Jefferson Jr. and Mary Field:

II. THOMAS JEFFERSON III, was born September 24, 1700 in Osbornes County, Virginia and died February 1722/23 in the ship 'Williamsburg' at sea.
III. FIELD JEFFERSON, was born March 16, 1701/02 in Osbornes County, Virginia and died February 10, 1765 in Mecklenburg, Virginia.  He married (1) Mary Allen (2) Frances Robertson. Field Jefferson lived above Roanoke River, Mecklenburg County, Virginia
IV. ALICE JEFFERSON, was born about 1703, she died young
V. PETER JEFFERSON Father of President Thomas Jefferson
VI. MARTHA JEFFERSON, was born about 1710.
VII. MARY JEFFERSON, was born August 1714. She married (1) John Bolling III, wft est. 1719-1761 (2) Thomas Turpin, Jr. wft est. 1726-1759.

Children Of Thomas Jefferson Sr. and Mary Branch:

II. MARTHA JEFFERSON, was born about 1681