Charles Allen

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Compiled by J. Walter Allen

Charles Allen who died in Warren Co. North Carolina in 1808 at age 78 was an outstanding figure in the development of the nation. He was a great leader of men and spent the greater part of his life in the military. His first experience was a Sergeant of the Colonial Militia of Lunenburg Co, VA in 1758 in the French and Indian war. (1)

He moved from Lunenburg Co, VA to what is now Warren Co, NC in 1763 after resigning the position of Justice of the Peace. That territory was at that time in Granville Co, NC, where he had bought a tract of land from William Johnson in 1758.

Soon after arriving in NC, he joined the Colonial Militia of Orange Co and was a member of the Captain Nathaniel Hartís Company organized to suppress the insurgents and was in the battle of Alamance Creek in 1771. (2)

On June 8, 1776 he was Second Lieutenant in Captain Kearís company and Col. Alexander Martin certified Mr. Charles Allen had acted as an Ensign in Captain Armstrongís company from October 1, 1775 to February 1, 1776; and from February 1, 1776 to June 8, 1776 he had acted as Second Lieutenant in said company. This was Colonial Service.

When the Revolutionary War began, he was appointed Captain of a company in the regiment of Col. Alexander Martin. (3) He was later transferred to the 5th North Carolina Regiment under Col. Thomas Eaton, whose name was apparently omitted from the roster of North Carolina Soldiers compiled under the direction of the D.A.R. Society of North Carolina.

Both these regiments were in the Eastern Campaign with Gen. Washington around White Plains, NY and Princeton near Monmouth-Brandywine, NJ and Valley Forge, PA.  (5)

He was a man of 6í4Ē and commanding appearance, and from the many inquiries about him from the highest commanders of the army, he must have been somewhat of a military strategist.

He was born in Hanover Co, VA circa 1730 and married Ann Vincent (Vinson) of North Carolina circa 1755.

He was the son of Charles Allen who was born in Hanover Co, VA circa 1705 and died in Lunenburg Co, VA in 1759 (war?) and his wife Susanna of Henrico Co (6)

He was grandson of Richard Allen Jr born in New Kent Co, VA and his wife Sara Walker (7) and great grandson of Richard Allen, Vestryman of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co, VA 1687-1725.

Ann Vincent, wife of Capt. Charles Allen, was partly of French extraction and was granddaughter of Thomas Vincent (died in Northampton Co, NC) of Thomas Vincent (Vinson) of Charles City CO, VA and his wife (probably Poythress). This Thomas Vincent came over with Capt. Epps who was from County Kent, England. (8)

His descendants were apparently imbued with military spirit from childhood as he had many grandsons in the 1st North Carolina Regiment in the War of 1812, which was under Jackson at New Orleans and hundreds of more distant relatives who followed the fortunes of NC, TN, and other southern states in the armies of R. E. Lee, Belfore, Forrest, and others.

In private life his descendents represent all trades, professions, and businesses from captains of industry to farmer.

In his home life Capt. Charles Allen was a devoted husband and loving father. He reared 10 children as follows: William, Charles, Elizabeth, John Vincent, Rebecca, James, George, Mary, and Ann. He believed in education and educated his entire family.

He belonged to the school of thought which gave freely and voluntarily of their ability that mankind might progress, and that government might be improved upon for the benefit of his generation and of generations to come.

As a man and a citizen he was noble in life, actuated by the highest and most honorable motives, true to his convictions, and every trust imposed upon him and uncompromising in what he thought was right.

He loved and lived the principles of Christian religion and reared his family under the guiding influences of the church. His children married into the best families of Virginia and North Carolina.

His oldest daughter, Elizabeth, married Joel Wrenn, a captain of a company in the revolutionary War from Warren and Franklin Counties, NC.

His son, Charles, who was in his fatherís company during the Revolutionary War, married Pattie Jenkins in Warren Co, NC in 1781.

His son, George, married Abigail Johnson of Granville Co, NC daughter of Cannon Cooper of Virginia.

His son, James, first married Nancy Myrick, daughter of William Myrick, a Revolutionary War soldier of Isle of Wright, Co. VA and second married Mary Hartwell, widow of Dr. Henry Macon of Warrenton, NC.

His son, John, first married a sister of Nancy Myrick, daughter of William Myrick, and second married Winifred Vanlandingham, whose ancestry was from Virginia and Holland.

His daughter, Rebecca, (b. 1764  d. 1869) married John Pearce of Halifax Co, NC, who was a descendent of Capt. William Pearce, member of the Virginia Council from James City, VA.

His daughter, Ann, married Reuben Huff, of Brunswick Co, VA, who did his part in the American Revolution.

His daughter, Mary, married James Turner, who belonged to that family of Turners of Isle of Wright Co, VA, who with the Blounts and others of that section did much in establishing the independence of the nation.

His son, Vincent Allan, married Mary Bowdoin, a descendent of Hon. Pirre Bowdoin, who came to America from La Rochelle, France and settled at Casco Bay, now Portland, ME in 1685 and later Boston. His son, John, settled in Northampton Co circa 1699. Mary Bowdoin (Bowden) was a daughter of Judith Farrar and John Bowdoin.

Judith Farrar was granddaughter of George Farrar, who died in Mecklenburg Co, VA in 1772 and his wife Judith Jefferson, daughter of Thomas Jefferson II, and his wife Mary Field. Mary Field was daughter of Major Peter Field and his wife Judith Soane, daughter of Hon. Henry Soane, Speaker of the House of Burgesses of Virginia, who first married Henry Randolph, who came to America in 1642 from Little Houghton Northamptonshire, England Ė an uncle of William Randolph of Warwickshire. (Val. Papers 20, vol. 4 p. 2303)

George Farrar was grandson of Col. William Farrar of the council of Virginia and son of Capt. William Farrar, Sheriff of Henrico Co, and his wife Priscilla Bough, who married in Henrico Co, VA in 1682.

Priscilla Bough was daughter of William Bough and his wife, Jane Hatcher and widow of William Branch, son of Hon. Christopher Branch the emigrant.

It will be observed from the above the noble ancestry of those descending from Capt. Charles Allen through his son Vincent Allen they are eligible to join the Colonial Dames under Col. William Hatcher, Hon. Christopher Branch, Hon. Henry Soane, Hon. William Farrar the distinguished lawyer and emigrant, Capt Charles Allen, and probably others.

John Allen and Nancy Allen, children of Vincent Allen, moved to Tennessee and their descendents live in that state and Texas. Others of his family married in North Carolina and reside in or near the town of Warrenton.

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Additional Charles Allen Information:

Excerpts from Tylerís Quarterly Historical & Genealogical Magazine, v.VIII, 1927.
Manuscript on file in the Virginia State Library

Charles Allenís Revolutionary Service, Charles Allen Declaration

Charles Allen aged 68 years declares he entered the service of the United States as a volunteer soldier in a Company of militia commanded by Capt. & Leut. Richard Allen. He marched from Cumberland Co, VA in 1778 (15 years old). He was appointed ordy. Sergeant into Goochland Co, VA and stationed at Bartholomew Danridges in Albemarle Co, VA where he was attached to the Regiment commanded by Col. Henry Skipworth & Maj. Duvall in the main army under the command of Barron Stuban and marched to Morben Hill. I have no written discharge.

I again entered the service of the United States (drafted) in the latter part of 1778 and marched from Cumberland Co, VA under the command of Capt. Richard Allen through Goochland & Albemarle counties to the same Morben Hill again joining the main army under the command of Barron Stuban in Hanover or Henrico Co, VA

I again entered the service of the United States as a volunteer in 1780 in Prince Edward Co, VA attached to Capt & Benj O. Overstreet. I was appointed Lieutenant joining Genl. Stephens Army in Henrico and was stationed near the Long Bridge then discharged near Cabin Point.

I again entered the service of the United States in 1781 as a substitute for Joseph Coleman from Cumberland in a Company commanded by Cap. Richard Allen.

Children surviving Richard Allen at that time:

Charles Allen
David Allen
Simeon Allen
Anderson Allen
Martha Romsey (Kentucky)
Drusiller Dorker (Kentucky)

Service of Capt. Richard Allen is recorded under Allen, Wilson.