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was born December 7, 1679 in Henrico, Virginia, USA, and died February 18, 1730/31 in Henrico, Virginia, USA. He married Mary Field, November 21, 1697 in Henrico, Virginia, daughter of Peter Field and Judith Soane. Thomas Jefferson Jr., was the son of Thomas Jefferson Sr. and his wife, Mary Branch.

Son of Thomas Jefferson and Mary Branch, was born about 1678, died 18 February 1730/1 at age 53 (Jefferson Bible; Monticello record). He married Mary Field, born 3 February 1679; died 13 April 1715 (Jefferson Bible; Monticello record; 23 V 175; Tyler's Quarterly Magazine, Vol. VII, page 119). She was a daughter of Major Peter Field and Judith Soane Randolph Field. After Mary's death Thomas Jefferson married Alice who released her dower rights in the sale of land in 1721 and 1722, but died soon after as she was not mentioned in his will, dated 13 March 1725 in which he appointed a guardian for his youngest child (Henrico Court, lst Monday in April 1731; Henrico County Deeds and Wills, No. 1, Pt. 2, 1725-37, pp 226-7; Tyler's Quarterly Magazine XXX 59-61).

Living in Henrico Southside in the Curles at Osborne, Thomas Jefferson was very active in the life of the county as a "gentleman justice, Captain of the Militia and High Sheriff" (Malone, Dumas: Jefferson the Virginian, Vol. I, 1948). He built a church in Bristol Parish, long known as Jefferson's Church, or Ware Bottom Church at Mt. MyLady located near the intersection of Route 10 and I-95 south of Richmond, Virginia and near Chester. The Chesterfield Museum, located nearby, has some diggings from this old church. He owned a race horse and was engaged in the fashionable sport of the day shows a wide variety of interests and certainly indicates a very real person. He received several grants of land; one in 1715 of 1,500 acres on Fine Creek above the Falls he left to his son Peter, father of the President. His oldest son, Field, had already received a tract of land which had been left to his mother by Major Peter Field. Thomas Jefferson's daughter Judith was willed a portion of the Grill property on Swift Creek (Will 15 March 1725/Henrico County 3 April 1731).

However, on 11 April 1728 (the year following the sale of Farrar's Island) Thomas Jefferson won a law suit against Mathew Ligon (Henrico County Deed Book W, No. 1, Pt. 2, 1725-37, pages 226-7) for rightful possession of this land, being part of a grant of land taken up by Richard Grill in 1710 and deeded to Thomas Jefferson 22 Sept. 1717. Mathew Ligon was then ordered to turn the property over to "George Farrar and his heirs forever." This transfer recorded at Varina Court, lst Monday in April 1729 (Deeds and Wills No. 1, Pt. 2, pp 226-7; 13 T 59-61; The Ligon Family, 375-6). It is evident that Thomas Jefferson gave the land to George Farrar because he was Judith Jefferson's husband, for he had already willed part of it to her, as above.

Dwelling: Curles at Osborne, Henrico Southside, VA
Military Service: Captain in Militia
Occupation: High Sheriff
Will Probated: 1731, Henrico Co., Virginia
Will Written: 15 Mar, 1724/25